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Session notes: The Disclosure Pilot 10 months on (eDisclosure Information Project: Chris Dale) https://maas-bong.io/2IxOv02
"I was left with the impression that much of the muttering which was heard at the start has died down and that, although there is still some resentment (not least from clients) about the front-loading of costs, there are few, if any, who would go back to the old way of doing things."


Clients name the 33 most feared firms in litigation (BTI Consulting) https://maas-bong.io/2OtsnYd
"Humans are born with two fears: The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned.  You can agree with this or not, but one thing is true: Top legal decision-makers learned to fear a select group of law firms - and don’t want to see them on the other side of the table."


PODCAST: Mary Mack on eDiscovery education (Xact Data Discovery: Matthew Verga) https://maas-bong.io/2LZLzvf
"In 2010 the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists released their first eDiscovery Specialist certification exam.  In the nine years since ACEDS has grown into an international leader in eDiscovery education, certification and thought leadership.  In this episode, ACEDS Executive Director Mary Mack discusses the history and evolution of eDiscovery education."


US court denies plaintiff’s request to avoid forensic imaging of devices in Apple performance case (CloudNine: Doug Austin) https://maas-bong.io/2OvvNtI
"Apple’s interest in performance testing the forensic images outweighs plaintiff’s privacy interest because they put the performance of the devices at the centre of their lawsuit."


Erika Pagano, Simmons Wavelength: "Here to cause trouble and have fun" (Artificial Lawyer: Richard Tromans) https://maas-bong.io/31Xqbw8
"We recently caught up with Erika Pagano (pictured above with young goat), who has joined the legal engineering group, Simmons Wavelength, which is now part of the international law firm, Simmons & Simmons, following its acquisition this summer."  I just had to leave the parentheses in!


Big Money is betting on legal industry transformation (Forbes: Mark Cohen) https://maas-bong.io/30XWs4R
"Why the sudden legal investment boom; what’s changed; and what does it portend?  Short answers: legal delivery is ripe for scaled transformation; legal buyers are driving change and have disaggregated legal practice from the delivery of legal services; and the lawyer-centric, labour-intensive, fragmented legal industry is ripe for tech and process-driven consolidation."


Legal Innovation Fever (LinkedIn: Ron Friedmann [LAC]) https://maas-bong.io/2OtLVf9
"Talk of innovation in the legal market has reached a fever pitch.  Here's the evidence and why I think it’s happening."


With IP Accelerator, Amazon edges into the legal services arena (Above the Law: Robert Ambrogi) https://maas-bong.io/337wKMG
"It is not hard to imagine a time when Amazon offers curated networks of lawyers providing services at pre-negotiated rates."


How AI is shaking up legal practice (Canadian Lawyer Magazine: Kevin Cheung) https://maas-bong.io/2MoYeGN
"Displacement of junior lawyers at large firms could be a boon to smaller firms."


A new leadership tandem: Mike Quartararo and Ari Kaplan to lead ACEDS (ComplexDiscovery: Rob Robinson) https://maas-bong.io/2pVxUg4
"Mike Quartararo, a long-time ACEDS member, former law firm eDiscovery director, author and community leader, has joined us as president of ACEDS and professional development.  Additionally, leading legal industry strategist, consultant and author, Ari Kaplan, will apply his talents on a consulting basis to help build a new ACEDS global advisory board and act as chairperson for that group."

A selection of upcoming and potentially interesting live webinars / webcasts

08 Oct 1300 ET To catch a thief: Using forensics to track the money (ACEDS / Ricohhttps://maas-bong.io/2mtBKv2

09 Oct 0900 PDT After the attack - surviving and thriving post-breach (AccessData / Eide Bailly) https://maas-bong.io/2luW2V4

10 Oct 1300 BST DSARs: Operational burden and resource hungry! (ACEDS / Eversheds Sutherland) https://maas-bong.io/2m56O4a

10 Oct Various timesThe paralegal's guide to organising discovery documents (Institute for Paralegal Educationhttps://maas-bong.io/2OviGc0 (£)

15 Oct 1300 ET Navigating eDiscovery vendors (ACEDS / Everlaw / McDonald Carano / Burney Consultantshttps://maas-bong.io/2mtEEQs

16 Oct 1300 ET A practical guide to leveraging technology-assisted review in litigation (ACEDS / Kutak Rock / OpenTexthttps://maas-bong.io/2mynpxy

16 Oct 0900 PDT Accelerate incident response time through automation (CyberSponse / AccessDatahttps://maas-bong.io/2mGlTJW

23 Oct 1100 CDTNavigating the data map: Rules, tools and why they matter (Faegre Baker Daniels) https://maas-bong.io/33a36Xh

24 Oct 1600 BST How automating eDisclosure with audio, video and native document translations saves time and money (ACEDS / Veritone / Stratagemhttps://maas-bong.io/2UxiMkh

29 Oct 1300 EDTShielding your organisation from data privacy nightmares (Knovos / Phillips Nizer / Baker Hostetler / McCarthy Trétrault / Winston & Strawnhttps://maas-bong.io/2MlBGXK

30 Oct 1200 ET Why technology matters: A look at current trends and top eDiscovery technologies (HaystackIDhttps://maas-bong.io/2mhtC0F

31 Oct 1400 ETEmojis and the law: Real-world eDiscovery challenges of enterprise collaboration (Hanzo / HEB / USAA / Zapprovedhttps://maas-bong.io/2MmpVjz

31 Oct 1000 GMT India data protection bill and GDPR (Ankura / TechLegis / CyBournhttps://maas-bong.io/2mrludS

Let me know of any upcoming webinar / webcast you'd like to see included in this list.

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(Incidentally, and for those outside the UK (or in the UK but without televisions), BONG! is a reference to the main evening TV news in the UK, on which headlines are read out between strikes (bongs) of the now-silent Big Ben, the bell in the Elizabeth Tower (renamed from the Clock Tower in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee) at the Palace of Westminster.  (You can thank a particularly persistent pedant early on in the life of the BONG! for this rather precise explanation.)

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The Maas Consulting Group is led by Jonathan Maas, a renowned paper and electronic discovery/disclosure veteran with an unparalleled 37 years experience in the field: 27 years in international law firms, seven years in international consultancies and three years leading the Maas Consulting Group. Jonathan speaks and writes on the subject widely and has been involved in developing civil procedure in England & Wales to respond to the modern demands of litigating in the digital age.

Jonathan’s métier is acting as a verbal or written bridge between technical experts and lay people, whether it’s conveying complex technology concepts to a legal audience or explaining matters of detailed legal procedure to IT specialists. He has the ability to unite diverse teams to complete discovery exercises as cost- and time-effectively as possible. In this way he has delivered numerous successful projects for national and international businesses and local and central government.  This translates into extremely experienced and empathetic support for lawyers and IT professionals.

His experience of identifying, collecting, classifying and acting on data in the legal environments of investigations and disputes continues to add value in the current environment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Information Governance and preparations for the UK to leave the European Union (BREXIT). Sound and defensible data management is more important in business than it has ever been.

Jonathan has also researched and implemented computer systems in law firms for the purposes of library and know-how management, litigation support, costs budgeting, collaborative working and more.

At a glance, since 1982 Jonathan has worked at:

Hogan Lovells

Simmons & Simmons

​The Litigation Support Company

DLA Piper


Huron Legal


Maas Consulting Group

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Although based in London Jonathan has set up and managed case teams in Australia, Bermuda, France and Hong Kong. 

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