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A simple guide to eDiscovery in the UK  (LinkedIn: Phil Beckett [Alvarez & Marsal]https://maas-bong.io/38Ldh8t
"eDiscovery, or eDisclosure as it is also widely known, is an essential phase of not just litigation, but also investigations, regulatory enquiries, compliance assessments and, increasingly, arbitrations.  Data is the lifeblood of most modern-day organisations and, although not the only source of information relevant to an investigation, data can provide an unbiased, unaltered and accurate reflection of historic events, unlike other sources."  


UPDATED: A resource guide to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act  (USA DoJhttps://maas-bong.io/2ZVFeGP
"A detailed compilation of information and analysis regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related enforcement."  


UK firms may soon find it impossible to receive data legally from the EU  (IT Pro: Dale Walkerhttps://maas-bong.io/30B7a1k
"Business holds its breath as the ECJ debates a landmark case on standard contractual clauses."  


US visa suspension likely to boost demand for offshoring, captives  (The Economic Times: Ayan Pramanik, Megha Mandavia, Anandi Chandrashekharhttps://maas-bong.io/2ObhEjT
"The US government decision to freeze immigration and suspend work visas till the end of this year to protect American jobs is expected to benefit the Indian offshoring industry with US clients and technology companies seen moving more work here."  


VIDEO: Jamie Berry of Integreon on how Relativity supports large document reviews  (eDisclosure Information Project: Chris Dalehttps://maas-bong.io/3iQXYQf
"Jamie Berry has been in eDiscovery for a long time, and had so much to say that was interesting that I have split the interview into three parts.  This is the first."  


An examination of the redaction functionality of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017
  (Australian Signals Directoratehttps://maas-bong.io/3ek2djU
"There have been numerous cases of security breaches resulting from a failure to redact sensitive or private information from documents effectively prior to their release into the public domain."  


Connecting the dots: Considering eDiscovery from initiators to ecosystem  (ComplexDiscovery: Rob Robinsonhttps://maas-bong.io/38JIoRX
"This non-comprehensive, graphical depiction may be helpful in considering and connecting the dots during planning, forecasting and sharing activities regarding the discipline of eDiscovery."  


Will new partners have to keep grinding away?  (LinkedIn: Joel Barolsky [University of Melbourne]https://maas-bong.io/2Oc9OXh
"A decade’s worth of time records analysed by Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor shows that associates have around 10 more billable hours per month on average than partners in the same firm.  However, in April and May 2020 - the first full months of the COVID-19 lockdown and remote working - this long-term trend reversed and partners recorded more billable hours than associates."  


Beware of the perils of allowing self-collection
  (eDiscovery Assistanthttps://maas-bong.io/2W7NQZI
"In words no lawyer ever wants to hear, the Court found that 'this issue of self-collection of discovery documents without adequate knowledge, supervision or participation by counsel, greatly troubles and concerns the Court'."  


VIDEO: the eDiscovery Channel  (YouTubehttps://maas-bong.io/3iZ6eOu
"Tom O'Connor, Craig Ball and guest experts shine a light on eDiscovery case law, news and events."

A selection of upcoming and potentially interesting live webinars / webcasts (please check the local times yourself)

10 Jul 1100 ET 
Adapting to the waves: Dealing with re-opening and re-closing (ILTA / Elevate / Hinshaw & Culbertson) https://maas-bong.io/2O9tzih (members only)

14 Jul 1300 ET 
Disruption as an enabler for change: Transforming eDiscovery in the cloud (ACEDS / Everlawhttps://maas-bong.io/2NsHorx

14 Jul 1500 BST 
Tech and the City: Low-code development platforms in law firms (ILTA / BCLP Cubed) https://maas-bong.io/2ZHYFCZ (members only)

14 Jul 1800 BST 
Remote eDiscovery in 2020 (EDRM / Nelson Mullins Encompasshttps://maas-bong.io/3gEBgZU

14 Jul 1800 BST 
Collaboration platforms: How to reduce risk and accelerate eDiscovery (Global Relay) https://maas-bong.io/3iGSesB

15 Jul 1300 ET 
Seeing 20/20: Reasonable and proportionate discovery in 2020 (ACEDS / eDiscovery Today / Prism Litigation Technology / Actuate Lawhttps://maas-bong.io/3eCHybS

15 Jul 1400 CT 
COVID-19 employment litigation and eDiscovery challenges (ACEDS / EY / Warner Norcross + Judd / Littler Mendelson / Exterrohttps://maas-bong.io/3iKlkae

15 Jul 1500 PT 
Hot topics in eDiscovery (ACEDS / Driven / SDPAhttps://maas-bong.io/2BR3DFm

15 Jul 1700 BST 
Handling non-traditional data sources in eDiscovery (Winston & Strawn / HaystackID) https://maas-bong.io/3iJpKyc

16 Jul 1200 BST 
Defensible data deletion: Avoid unnecessary risk (ACC Europe / Alvarez & Marsal / Veeva Systems / Exterrohttps://maas-bong.io/2YO8wHZ

16 Jul 1400 EST 
The new normal for cartel and second requests (FTI / Milbank / Hunton Andrews Kurth) https://maas-bong.io/3ehSHO9

16 Jul 1800 BST 
Essentials to understanding and protecting privilege (KLDiscoveryhttps://maas-bong.io/3eQx3BU

16 Jul 2000 BST 
Ask the expert: Pattern matching for PII with dtSearch (Relativityhttps://maas-bong.io/2O8sQOb

18 Jul 1030 PDT 
Identification and preservation fundamentals (ACEDS / XDD / SDPAhttps://maas-bong.io/3fdT2Tx

21 Jul 1300 ET 
eDiscovery in an age of emerging tech: How to stay within regulations without sacrificing efficiency (ACEDS / Coinbase / Onna / Sullivan & Cromwellhttps://maas-bong.io/2CgV72o

21 Jul 1800 BST 
Assessing your data maps in a newly distributed world (Dish Network / JPMorgan Chase / USAA / Redgravehttps://maas-bong.io/3208U8v

22 Jul 0200 BST 
Investigations using Nuix Analytics and artificial intelligence (Nuixhttps://maas-bong.io/2DgRmdJ

22 Jul 1300 ET 
Essential elements of a preservation plan (ACEDS / Zapprovedhttps://maas-bong.io/2Yq5hqe

22 Jul 1400 BST 
Technology: The answer for the legal profession, post-pandemic - Or the biggest threat to its future? (Vaizey / Boyes Turner / Dentons / BT / Citi / Goodman / Panoram) https://maas-bong.io/3fiZDMj

22 Jul 1500 PDT 
Paralegal pivot to eDiscovery (ACEDS / Lorber Greenfield & Polito / Pullman & Comleyhttps://maas-bong.io/326jcE9

22 Jul 1500 BST 
Maximising marketing and thought leadership with apps (Fliplet / Meridian West) https://maas-bong.io/37GHJjV

22 Jul 1800 BST 
Important US eDiscovery case law decisions for July 2020 (EDRM / eDiscovery Today / Gulf Legal Technology Centerhttps://maas-bong.io/2ZPAdj7

23 Jul 1000 BST 
How to elevate your client relationships to trusted business partnerships (Briefing / Introhivehttps://maas-bong.io/38AuuS3

23 Jul 1130 ET 
eDiscovery appetisers (ACEDShttps://maas-bong.io/31YWLAw

23 Jul 1300 EDT 
Email investigation best practices: What we’ve learned from recent FOIA releases (ACEDS / OpenText / Anger & Associateshttps://maas-bong.io/38zM60p

23 Jul 1800 BST 
Practical, proportional privacy in discovery (EDRM / Sidley Austinhttps://maas-bong.io/2Dr1wJ1

25 Jul 0900 PDT 
Collection through analysis (ACEDS / Archer Hall / ESI Analysthttps://maas-bong.io/31WltSd

27 Jul 1030 BST 
What have been the biggest lessons so far in shifting fully to remote working? (Briefing / Pinnaclehttps://maas-bong.io/31sYWvQ

28 Jul 1300 ET 
A proposed TAR framework (ACEDS / Judge Francis / Redgrave / Kirkland & Ellis / eDiscovery CoCounselhttps://maas-bong.io/2MCPD3N

28 Jul 1800 BST 
When to use conditional coding (Nuixhttps://maas-bong.io/38D8Z3c

29 Jul 1300 ET 
The evolving court requirements for eDiscovery defensibility in today’s big data age (ACEDS / Exterro / DLA Piper / Dentonshttps://maas-bong.io/3et4fPH

29 Jul 1300 EST 
Gone viral: Social media in eDiscovery (XDDhttps://maas-bong.io/3i42JWu

29 Jul 1800 BST 
Ethical consideration and use of AI to identify personal health information (EDRM / Nelson Mullinshttps://maas-bong.io/3efc4Yr

30 Jul 1300 ET 
eDiscovery projects thrive in the new Project for Web (ACEDS / Microsoft) https://maas-bong.io/37EaXQp

04 Aug 1400BST 
The expanding scope of the eDiscovery professional (ACEDS / Exterro) https://maas-bong.io/2zJ8t6L

18 Aug 1800 BST 
New techniques for finding relevant data faster (EDRM / Verizon / EY / Epiq / Exterro) https://maas-bong.io/38EyVLI

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