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The 2018 Litigation and Practice Support Technology Survey results (ILTA) https://maas-bong.io/2UVIaPh
"It's clear that the role of the eDiscovery professional is changing, as evidenced by the articles in this white paper which shed light on the additional knowledge and skills required to remain current."


90 percent of law firms managed social media evidence collections in 2018 (X1 Discovery) https://maas-bong.io/2UQTWuc
ILTA's "very informative and comprehensive law firm eDiscovery practice survey [see above] received responses from 181 different law firms - small, medium and large - on a variety of subjects, including eDiscovery practice trends and software tool usage.  It reveals three key takeaways regarding social media and website discovery."


Will Google’s "Document Understanding AI" move the market? (Artificial Lawyer) https://maas-bong.io/2UR576d
"Some stories hit the headlines like a tornado, others seep into public consciousness over several weeks.  The news about Google now offering extraction and analysis of unstructured data from contracts is of the latter variety.  But will it make an impact, will it shake up the legal AI market?"


Active learning workflows 101 (Relativity) https://maas-bong.io/2UUemT3
"The most fundamental purpose of TAR is to categorise documents as relevant or not relevant.  There are many different flavours of TAR, but overall the technology has two main categories: sample-based learning and active learning ... This article will walk through the active learning workflow and how it can be leveraged for your next case."


AI tools “too biased” for sentencing decisions (Legal Futures) https://maas-bong.io/2UWmhPE
"Many contributors to a report by the independent US-based Partnership on AI (PAI) - which has over 80 members, including AI, machine learning research and ethics specialists - accepted that only individualised judicial hearings should inform decisions on detention to achieve just outcomes."


Not all legal analytics tools are created equal (LawSites: Josh Becker) https://maas-bong.io/2UXUw9H
"Machine learning and natural language processing are powerful technologies, but they still need assistance from human beings with practice-specific experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of specialised legal language in order to make sense of the data and be practical for demanding legal use cases."


I’m going down to Lucky Town (Above the Law: Brad Blickstein) https://maas-bong.io/2UWjXZ8
"The CLOC [Corporate Legal Operations Consortium] 2019 Vegas Institute is coming up in a few weeks, so I thought I would take a few minutes to share my 'CLOC Wishlist' for this year’s event."


Video: The Matrix on a budget (Studio 188) https://maas-bong.io/2UTTw6q
Imagine the bottom half represents your client's expectations and the top half reflects what you can deliver within that same client's budget (with thanks to Tash Whitaker).


Clare Chalkley joins Integreon from Clifford Chance (Legal IT Insider) https://maas-bong.io/2UQYUHm
"Clifford Chance's long-term litigation support manager Clare Chalkley has joined Integreon as a Senior Director - Legal Services focusing on litigation support services and document review for law firms and corporate legal department clients."


UnitedLex Luthor (Above the Law) https://maas-bong.io/2UTPYkC
"Meet the alternative legal service provider [UnitedLex] bent on taking over the world."

A selection of upcoming and potentially interesting live webinars / webcasts

02 May 1700 BST Dealing with complex public records requests (ZyLab / Best Best & Krieger) https://maas-bong.io/2URzlWB

07 May 1230 BST Evidence and disclosure in 2019 (LexisNexishttps://maas-bong.io/2QJOsPS

07 May 1100 ET ILTA online tools & resources (ILTAhttps://maas-bong.io/2ISldKb

08 May 1300 ET Doing more with less: How Walmart and Veolia are revolutionising corporate discovery (Veolia / Keessal / Logikcullhttps://maas-bong.io/2ISj8OH

15 May 1300 EDTThe Sedona Conference commentary on application of attorney-client privilege and work-product protection to documents and communications generated in the cybersecurity context (Sedonahttps://maas-bong.io/2UUtJLg

17 May 1400 ET Compliance investigations: Best practices and effectiveness essentials (Hanzo / Volkov / Foxhttps://maas-bong.io/2UV8bON

24 May 1300 CEST One year GDPR: What's up (next)? (ACEDS / ZyLabhttps://maas-bong.io/2UQJ27N

29 May 1300 EDT Everything in moderation: Proportionality in eDiscovery (XDDhttps://maas-bong.io/2J3NZaO

06 Jun 1300 ET Your eDiscovery processes: How do you measure up? (ACEDS / Epiq / Exterro) https://maas-bong.io/2UPJx1K

02 Jul 1230 BST Cybercrime in 2019 (LexisNexishttps://maas-bong.io/2QJPfQQ

Let me know of any upcoming webinar / webcast you'd like to see included in this list.

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Jonathan’s métier is acting as a verbal or written bridge between technical experts and lay people, whether it’s conveying complex technology concepts to a legal audience or explaining matters of detailed legal procedure to IT specialists. He has the ability to unite diverse teams to complete discovery exercises as cost- and time-effectively as possible. In this way he has delivered numerous successful projects for national and international businesses and local and central government.  This translates into extremely experienced and empathetic support for lawyers and IT professionals.

His experience of identifying, collecting, classifying and acting on data in the legal environments of investigations and disputes continues to add value in the current environment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Information Governance and preparations for the UK to leave the European Union (BREXIT). Sound and defensible data management is more important in business than it has ever been.

Jonathan has also researched and implemented computer systems in law firms for the purposes of library and know-how management, litigation support, costs budgeting, collaborative working and more.

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