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To Adobe or not to Adobe?  A cautionary tale of what happens when SAR redactions go wrong  (Lewis Silkin: Sean Illinghttps://maas-bong.io/3uxlBDn
"It involves the data controller providing data to a data subject in response to a Subject Access Request in such a way that the data subject was able to remove redactions and see highly confidential third-party data.  In this case, Pepperall HJ considered whether the controller should be granted injunctive relief to protect the confidentiality of the data accidentally provided."  


What do Wall Street Bros, Reddit, and a video game store have to do with eDiscovery?  (DISCO: Cat Caseyhttps://maas-bong.io/3qX5JYL
"Reddit posts, like other social media posts, can be used as evidence in criminal or civil cases.  Evidence of research done on Reddit implicated a man in his child’s murder and a viral video on Reddit landed a chair-throwing influencer in jail.  While there is not yet much case law, the massive user base and visibility of the platform are increasing rapidly and the likelihood you will come across it as evidence is likewise rising."  


All the coronavirus in the world could fit inside a Coke can, with plenty of room to spare  (The Conversation: Christian Yates [University of Bath]https://maas-bong.io/3kqM4xO
"It’s astonishing to think that all the trouble, the disruption, the hardship and the loss of life that has resulted over the last year could constitute just a few mouthfuls of what would undoubtedly be the worst beverage in history."  


VIDEO: The mind-boggling theory that we could be descended from Martians  (Motherboard: Becky Ferreirahttps://maas-bong.io/2ZPXiTf
"Many scientists think that life may have started on Mars first, only to spread to Earth through a process called 'panspermia'."  


PODCAST: In conversation with Bjarne Tellmann from GSK Consumer Healthcare  (Digital Legal Exchange: Michele DeStefanohttps://maas-bong.io/3qWlhfq
"Tellmann shares his insights on the iterative process of digital transformation, with focus on value generation and customer experience.  He also discusses DLEX workshop participation and his views on the future of legal."  


VIDEO: Tea with Me - Trailblazing Series #7 - James McKenna
  (YouTube: Dawn Hudgins [ILTA]https://maas-bong.io/3bEiGAl
"James McKenna, chief information officer, Fenwick & West and president, ILTA, sits down with Dawn, ILTA VP of service delivery, to chat about people who have inspired us, the blaze we're leaving behind and other topics about trailblazers."  


The rise of the "legal support-preneur"
  (Lawyers Weekly: Jerome Doraisamyhttps://maas-bong.io/2NGwC4M
"For a bounty of reasons - from under-appreciation by employers to a desire for greater flexibility - support professionals in law firms are looking to consult externally, which may cause law firms to rethink how they engage with such experts."  


Permanent shift to home working will boost productivity but may impact mental health, poll finds
  (Global Legal Posthttps://maas-bong.io/2Nyhcj9
"More than three quarters of respondents to the Global Legal Post survey expect less office-based work once pandemic recedes."  


Worried about data privacy, huh?  So what are you doing about those “spy pixels” embedded in the emails you receive?  (The Project Counsel Group: Eric De Grassehttps://maas-bong.io/2NAIm94
"Effectively all email clients are web browsers now, yet don’t have any of the privacy protection features actual browsers do."  


PODCAST: The $200 million phone call  (JD Supra: Anand Upadhye [Casetext]https://maas-bong.io/3uC7I79
"In today’s episode we’re joined by Wendell Jisa, the CEO of Reveal Data.  I ask him about his entrepreneurial journey, exactly how a $200M megadeal actually happens and why legal technology is finally attracting these massive investments."

A selection of upcoming and potentially interesting live webinars / webcasts (please check the local times yourself)

26 Feb 1300 GMT 
Digital arbitration: A technical perspective  (Knovos / ICDR / Ashurst / DLA Piperhttps://maas-bong.io/36ZSnTM

26 Feb 1530 GMT Public consultation on the draft set of Digital Dispute Resolution Rules  (UK Jurisdiction Taskforcehttps://maas-bong.io/37qrMza

03 Mar 1200 GMT 
Digital data: The current trends and challenges for investigations  (ACi / Consilio / Moore Kingston Smithhttps://maas-bong.io/2N8Krc7

04 Mar 1300 EST 
How to avoid inevitable over-collecting of Google Workspace (G-Suite)  (Hanzohttps://maas-bong.io/37PT6Ho

04 Mar 1800 GMT
Employee DSARs: The coming deluge  (Exterrohttps://maas-bong.io/3qN8ITi

08 Mar 2230 GMT
You ask, we answer: Nuix 2021 Regulator Report Q&A (APAC)  (Nuix / Kaplanhttps://maas-bong.io/3uqtivf

09 Mar 1400 GMT
Why more legal departments are in-sourcing eDiscovery  (Exterro / Maas / Panoram / FTIhttps://maas-bong.io/3txGpKo

09 Mar 1600 GMT
You ask, we answer: Nuix 2021 Regulator Report Q&A  (Nuix / Kaplanhttps://maas-bong.io/37M220e

10 Mar 1200 GMT
Use of analytics in regulatory investigations  (ACi / Nuix / Kaplan / BT / Deloitte / Baker McKenziehttps://maas-bong.io/3qBALoV

10 Mar 1300 UTC
Five key considerations when responding to complex DSARs  (Exterro / The Prince's Trust / News UK / DPN Associateshttps://maas-bong.io/3dfNDNu

16 Mar 0830 EST
Legalweek(year)  (Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3j4BnjZ

16 Mar 1700 GMT
A better way for privilege review: Harnessing AI for accuracy and productivity  (EDRM / Reed Smith / Text IQhttps://maas-bong.io/3jLFNeP

18 Mar 0830 EST
8th annual eDiscovery Conference  (University of Florida / Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3jCX4rD

19 Mar 1030 EST
eDiscovery of challenging data sources - Teams, Zoom, Slack & co.  (CeDIVhttps://maas-bong.io/3svnZsq

24 Mar 1000 GMT
Briefing TEI 2021 / Transformation, efficiency, innovation  (Briefing / Various)  https://maas-bong.io/3bjBnsK

25 Mar 1400 GMT
Legal Tech Conference 2021  (La Touche Training / Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/2NbO0hx  (£)

13 Apr 0830 EST
Legalweek(year)  (Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3j4BnjZ

14 - 15 Apr 1200 EDT
The Sedona Conference Working Group 11 annual meeting  (Sedona / Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3bHi5xJ  (members only)  (£)

28 - 29 Apr 1200 EDT
The Sedona Conference Working Group 1 mid-year meeting  (Sedona / Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/2NWQn86  (members only)  (£)

11 May 0330 EST
Legalweek(year)  (Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3j4BnjZ

13-14 Jul 0830 EST
Legalweek(year)  (Varioushttps://maas-bong.io/3j4BnjZ

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The Maas Consulting Group is led by Jonathan Maas, a renowned paper and electronic discovery/disclosure veteran with an unparalleled 38 years experience in the field: 27 years in international law firms, seven years in international consultancies and four years leading the Maas Consulting Group. Jonathan speaks and writes on the subject widely and has been involved in developing civil procedure in England & Wales to respond to the modern demands of litigating in the digital age.

Jonathan’s métier is acting as a verbal or written bridge between technical experts and lay people, whether it’s conveying complex technology concepts to a legal audience or explaining matters of detailed legal procedure to IT specialists. He has the ability to unite diverse teams to complete discovery exercises as cost- and time-effectively as possible. In this way he has delivered numerous successful projects for national and international businesses and local and central government.  This translates into extremely experienced and empathetic support for lawyers and IT professionals.

His experience of identifying, collecting, classifying and acting on data in the legal environments of investigations and disputes continues to add value in the current environment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Information Governance and preparations for the UK to leave the European Union (BREXIT). Sound and defensible data management is more important in business than it has ever been.

Jonathan has also researched and implemented computer systems in law firms for the purposes of library and know-how management, litigation support, costs budgeting, collaborative working and more.

At a glance, since 1982 Jonathan has worked at:

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Although based in London Jonathan has set up and managed case teams in Australia, Bermuda, France and Hong Kong. 

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