16 June 2021

ILTA Affinity conference

Thriving in a Post-pandemic Legal Tech World

Moderated a panel hosted by ILTA as part of their Affinity programme with panellists from Fenwick Elliott, Bird & Bird, Matheson and Agilico

15 June 2021

Law360 Pulse

What Nuix's Governance Fiasco Spells for eDiscovery Biz

Interviewed for, and quoted in, this article.

09 June 2021


Bridging the gap between data, tech and reality (link not yet available)

Part of an ACEDS eDiscovery leaders roundtable discussion.

04 June 2021


eDiscovery Leaders Live

Interviewed by George Socha of Reveal Data as part of this ACEDS series.,

27 May 2021

Clubhouse conversation

eDiscovery Lagniappe

Interviewed by EDRM and ComplexDiscovery as part of their lively Clubhouse series.

12 April 2021


A UK Perspective on the global Backdrop to Nuix

Interviewed for, and quoted in, First Mail, Australian Field Research's weekly insights from industry newsletter.

24 February 2021

eDiscovery in Northern Ireland: An introduction and judicial perspective

Moderated a panel hosted by ACEDS Ireland Chapter, with panellists from Grant Thornton NI, Baker McKenzie, Cleaver Fulton Rankin and with the Honourable Justice Horner.

27 January 2021


Legal Tech Trends & Predictions

Panellist on LawTech London webinar with Fenwick Elliott and Ruby Datum, chaired by the Society for Computers and Law.

23 December 2020

Article contribution

Nine Legal Professionals Predict the Legaltech Headlines of 2021

"A common theme was the expansion of our virtual world.  Many predicted that the work from home revolution will continue - that law offices will be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Others foresaw acquisitions and breaches.  There was also a bright spot of optimism out of all the predictions: lots of hugs.

25 November 2020


eDiscovery is changing: Understanding the impact of legal GRC on eDiscovery

"Already, we’ve seen a big focus on information governance in a new way. Professionals who may have previously been solely focused on e-discovery, are also likely seeing the scope of their duties expand into these other legal GRC areas."

19 November 2020


ILTACON Europe - New to Legal Workshop

An insider's guide to law firms

"Everything you always wanted to know about lex but were afraid to ask".  An hour's recorded presentation, with slide show, as part of ILTA's autumn workshop.

12 November 2020


Why should European legal departments consider insourcing eDiscovery? (audio only)

"According to Exterro’s In-House Legal Benchmarking Report, corporate legal departments are holding onto more work that may have once been passed along to law firms.  Jonathan  Maas joins experts from FTI and Panoram to discuss why you might insource your eDiscovery."

04 November 2020

YouTube eDiscovery Channel

Jonathan Maas

"Tom O'Conner (Gulf Legal Technology Center) and Rachi Messing (Microsoft) chat with Jonathan Maas about his path into eDiscovery (what exactly is a livery you ask?) and the current state of the profession in Great Britain."

15 October 2020


Whence "eDiscovery?"

"Back in November 2019 BC (Before COVID) Martin Nikel of Duff & Phelps led a LinkedIn discussion on how we should universally refer to this thing called electronic disclosure/discovery."

08 October 2020


Bending the Continuum of the EDRM Timeline

"Small elite teams deployed around the globe in internal, compliance and regulatory investigations, known as strike teams, are accelerating timelines and removing steps from the traditional EDRM order to find facts quickly for early case decision-making."  On a small panel with experts from OpenText, hosted by EDRM.

07 August 2020

Virtual Roundtable

The Right Stuff: Tech Interoperability with the Law Firm of the (Near) Future (members only)

"Right now, we are hearing a lot about 'doing more with less'.  At ILTA, we are big fans of 'doing the right stuff with what you have' - it’s not an issue of more or less.  It’s an issue of priorities."  On a panel with legal technology experts from Dentons, Katende, Ssempebwa & Company and Instituto de Innovación Legal.

04 August 2020

eDiscovery Webinar

The Expanding Scope of the eDiscovery Professional

"The role of the e-discovery professional will continue to evolve, due to the evolution in data protection and privacy regulations and because work is tied to personal information."  Part of a panel, including experts from Stroz Freidberg, Exterro and Panoram.

27 May 2020


GDPR; two years on

Quoted in an article by Phil Beckett of Alvarez & Marsal reviewing two years of the General Data Protection Regulation.

05 May 2020



"These people are furloughed or, even worse, lost their jobs in the teeth of the pandemic.  They are now waking each morning and asking themselves: 'Why me?', 'Why get up?.  'Why...?' features quite prominently in their lives right now."

28 April 2020

Knovos Blog

Experts weigh in on the "New Normal" of working during the pandemic: Part 2

"Organisations that recognise this enforced opportunity to adapt, modernise, and mature, and that continue to do so, will flourish in the new normal."

30 March 2020

The Project Counsel Group

Two members of the legal tech industry have upped their game to assist during the coronavirus crisis

Jonathan Maas named as one who is assembling packets of information on law firms and vendors who are actually contributing and doing something constructive, directly, regarding this coronavirus

21 January 2020

eDiscovery webinar

Six Major eDisclosure Challenges and How to Solve Them

Part of a panel comprising other experts from Exterro and FTI Consulting

11 October 2019

The Law Society of Ireland Annual In-House & Public Sector Conference

Technology - The Influence on In-House Counsel

"Getting Your Hands Dirty NOW"

Keynote Presentation

05 September 2019

The Masters Conference

Applying Litigation Technology to Contract Analysis


The Importance of Brand

Lunchtime TED-style talk on personal branding

22 May 2019

South Africa eDiscovery webinar

eDiscovery Lessons for Inside Counsel and Law Firms

Part of a panel comprising eDiscovery experts from LexTrado, Webber Wentzel, Cognia Law and Absa Group.

10 April 2019

McCann FitzGerald's Knowledge Network In-house Counsel Conference

Navigating the Technology Maze in the Delivery of Legal Services


04 December 2018

eDiscovery Day 2018 webinar

GDPR is here. It's Time to Rethink eDiscovery

"Until recently the new privacy regime introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was, to an extent, viewed by some outside the EU as a regional data protection anomaly that could affect business-as-usual activities.  However, in the wake of impactful international data breaches like Cambridge Analytica, Equifax and TalkTalk, many non-EU citizens now have increased awareness and heightened concerns about the use and security of their personal information.  Together with the harsh reality that it is virtually impossible for global corporations to segregate data privacy policies by region, these developments have created a perfect storm for global corporations, many of which have responded with new privacy policies that apply GDPR standards across the board, to all data for all clients or data subjects irrespective of their citizenship, residency or the location of their data.  The GDPR has therefore effectively established a new international standard for data protection and this will challenge traditional litigation and investigation practices beyond the EU.  In this discussion, experts in privacy and eDiscovery will discuss the impacts of the GDPR in terms of the collection, analysis, review and production of data for litigation and investigations and propose some practical strategies to help corporations, law firms and government agencies to navigate the landscape."

14 November 2018


Business Problems that Blockchain Can Solve Right Now  (live recording available here)

“Blockchain is more than Smart Contracts!!  Progress is being made in real estate applications and the integration of cloud platforms.  Efforts are being made in the security, privacy, productivity and interoperability of blockchain technologies.  Within government, blockchain applications are developing, for instance the Land Registry and the National Archives.  Policies are being created that promote a universal blockchain-based technology infrastructure for law.  These and more will be discussed by our panelists."

Panel moderator

17 October 2018 onwards

Legal IT Insider

ICYMI: A new regular column from industry veteran Jonathan Maas

A regular monthly digest of the more important international eDiscovery news, with each item put into context, compiled from Jonathan's daily BONGs for that month

17 October 2018 onwards

Legal IT Insider

What's Hot & What's Not: Wins & Deals / Movers & Shakers

A regular monthly round-up of recent legal IT deals and legal IT people moves.

05 October 2018

Legal IT Insider

Nigel Murray Moves to the Cloud

Some words from me on the late Nigel Murray, eDiscovery pioneer, who died peacefully in his sleep on the night of 03 October, aged just 59

25 September 2018

Gregory Bufithis Blog

What's REALLY Wrong with Technology Assisted Review in eDiscovery?  Perception

"I discussed my TMT colleague’s 'perception' with Jonathan Maas. He had, perhaps, the perfect rejoinder"

25 September 2018

Artificial Lawyer

Don't Shoot the AI Puppy!  The United Airlines eDiscovery case

A consideration of the eDiscovery TAR "glitches" in this US case.

07 September 2018

The Masters Conference

Forces Changing Disclosure: New Rules, TAR and the Internet of Things

Social Media, Multi-Media and Other things You may have Over-Looked

Panellist on two sessions

08 August 2018

Legal IT Insider

Thoughts on the launch of Linklaters’ global eDiscovery service

26 April 2018​

The eDisclosure Information Project

Book Review: Electronic Disclosure Law and Practice by Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin

​"I observe that their technical advice came from Jonathan Maas of The Maas Consulting Group, whose long experience spans both the technology and the rules side of eDisclosure."

19 March 2018

The eDisclosure Information Project

A Round-up of Reactions to the Proposed New Disclosure Rule

"Jonathan Maas argues for a 'suitably knowledgeable person to guide the parties' at disclosure hearings."

09 March 2018


Using Blockchain to create trust in digital archives

Jonathan's view of the role of emerging technology in the modern legal profession.

06 March 2018

Legal IT Insider

Proposed new disclosure regime for England & Wales: Feedback by Jonathan Maas

A Disclosure Working Group was formed in 2016 “in response to widespread concerns expressed by court users and the profession regarding the perceived excessive costs, scale and complexity of disclosure”.  In this paper Jonathan shares his thoughts on those proposals.

13 February 2018

The eDisclosure Information Project

Bringing Clarity to the Implications of the Proposed New Disclosure Rule

"Jonathan Maas of The Maas Consulting Group asked if there was a place for an equivalent of the US Special Master to whom the court might delegate difficult disclosure arguments."

01 February 2018

The Irish Times

Special Report: Survival of law firms depends on innovation

"​Legal IT expert Jonathan Maas" cited.

06 December 2017

The Knowledge Group

AI and eDiscovery: Moving Beyond TAR and Predictive Coding

"eDiscovery has been widely used by almost all legal professionals in the US and abroad. For the past years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionising the eDiscovery process and reshaping the eDiscovery industry. In 2017 alone, numerous trends and developments in eDiscovery and AI have greatly aided predictive coding and technology assisted review (TAR), thus creating a much smarter, faster and better experience for clients while reducing review costs. Listen as a panel of distinguished professionals and thought-leaders provide the audience with an overview of the recent trends and developments involving AI and eDiscovery."

01 November 2017

The Project Counsel Group

eDiscovery Software and eDiscovery Skills – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

A guest blog in which I explain why I don't think advanced analytics will be deployed much on civil litigation matters and consider why eDiscovery software is finding traction in other areas, such as investigative journalism and cyber-security.

05 October 2017

Oxford University Press

Electronic Disclosure - Law and Practice by Wheater and Raffin

"There are a great many people who we would like to thank, without whom this book could not have been written. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped with this book, including our contributors, judges, solicitors, researchers, disclosure consultants, and members of the court staff. To attempt to list them all might risk injustice to any we may inadvertently omit. Their experience and input has been invaluable. However, we would like to pause to thank Jonathan Maas, Stephen Mason, Nick Ellett, and Opus 2 International Ltd for their technical input."

28 September 2017

The Masters Conference

Future Trends Influencing eDisclosure


18 June 2017

Legal IT Today (issue 18, page 33: download)

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

"We asked those who are right in the thick of change in the legal industry for their views on this famous comment made by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw."

09 May 2017

​​​​Artificial Lawyer

​Legal AI vs eDiscovery

​"This is a Guest Post by the well-known, UK-based, eDiscovery expert and consultant, Jonathan Maas, which looks into the increasingly integrated area where AI and legal discovery technologies meet and overlap."

09 May 2017

The Relativity Blog

The Best of Relativity Fest London: Our Favorite Quotes about eDisclosure, Brexit and More

Quotes Jonathan Maas

25 April 2017

Relativity Fest, London

International Update: Issues in Cross-Border eDisclosure and Data Protection

"With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) slated to take effect in May 2018, the future of the Privacy Shield and the effect of Brexit uncertain, and the new administration in Washington creating additional uncertainty about U.S. data laws and regulations, cross-border data issues are more important than ever."

06 February 2017

Legal Business (subscription required)

The Bleeding Edge - The Legal Tech Debate

"Cutting-edge legal tech is no longer an optional extra for law firms. In our latest round table with McCann FitzGerald, legal technologists debate the key barriers to success."

25 January 2017

LinkedIn Pulse

The Discovery Iceberg

Reprised and updated.

25 November 2016

Kerry Underwood Blog

The 12 Days of Christmas, Bolton Style

A little seasonal light-hearted fun, spawned by news of strange grants from Bolton Council to Asons lawyers.

12 October 2016

Legal Technology Insider

The Rationale behind The Maas Consulting Group

Why Jonathan Maas decided to set up a law and technology consultancy.

12 May 2016

The eDisclosure Information Project

Pyrrho, GDPR, banking compliance and US-UK differences at the Relativity Spring Roadshow

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

26 March 2016

Rawlison Butler

​​Rise of the Machines – the Future of Electronic Disclosure

"For litigation cases involving large amounts of electronic disclosure, predictive coding could save countless hours of document review time. But although the technology is well-established in the US, a recent High Court case marks the first time the English Courts have approved the use of predictive coding. Michael Axe explains what this means for the future of electronic disclosure in English litigation and how it could signal a greater willingness to allow automated software to carry out the majority of the document review process."

11 January 2016

Barrister Magazine

​​Civil Litigation: The Disclosure Iceberg (download)

​A slightly more comprehensive breakdown of the anticipated, but unquantifiable, factors that can influence the cost of disclosure.

11 November 2015

The eDisclosure Information Project

Cross-border discovery, unconventional sources of data and some unexpected artificial intelligence in Brussels

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

16 September 2015

The eDisclosure Information Project

Documents win cases!

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

18 August 2015

The eDisclosure Information Project

Getting the eDiscovery/eDisclosure terminology right when selling to lawyers

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

10 August 2015

Litigation Funding Magazine

​​The Disclosure Iceberg

​A breakdown of the anticipated, but unquantifiable, factors that can influence the cost of hard copy and electronic disclosure.

29 May 2015

ILTA White Paper

​eDiscovery/eDisclosure in the EU

​It can be difficult to get a solid hold of what is happening around the world regarding eDiscovery/eDisclosure.  Here we'll explore some current misconceptions, challenges and trends in the EU.

28 January 2015

The eDisclosure Information Project

Why I go to LegalTech

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

24 June 2014

The eDisclosure Information Project

Jonathan Maas joins Huron Legal in London

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

23 June 2014

Business Wire

​​Huron Consulting Group Bolsters Huron Legal’s UK Practice

08 November 2011

The eDisclosure Information Project

Legal Support Network UK eDiscovery Briefing Paper collects expert views

​Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

01 November 2011

​Briefing on eDiscovery

Taming the Data Monster​

​Why the role of the law firm in disclosure is changing – and how eDiscovery tools are helping firms inside their own walls.

04 July 2011

Legal Week (registration required)

What the Briefings Say

"Legal Week presents the first instalment of our new online panel show for in-house lawyers. Fuelled by the most popular briefings from legalweeklaw.com, the panel explores five key subjects over the course of the show, including force majeure clauses, alternative fee arrangements, the Bribery Act, employment law and document retention."

01 February 2011


A Regional Look at the Evolution of Litigation Support

14 January 2011

The eDisclosure Information Project

A reminder about some eDiscovery sources plus a mini-conference on video

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

17 December 2010

​Legal IT Insider

Something for the weekend – The 12 Days of eDiscovery​

A popular carol updated.

31 August 2010

The eDisclosure Information Project

ILTA 2010 in Las Vegas: Strategic Unity, Defensibility and the Cloud

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

23 June 2010

Legal IT Insider

Jonathan Maas on the iPad – will it make a difference to the practice of law?

​Personal view: Jonathan Maas on the iPad – will it make a difference to the practice of law?

07 April 2010

The eDisclosure Information Project

Jonathan Maas joins Ernst & Young

Blog post referring to Jonathan Maas

01 May 2008

​​ALSP Update/Association of Litigation Support Professionals Update

LiST – UK eDisclosure and Legal Technology, an Interview with Jonathan Maas  of DLA Piper UK LLP

​The Litigation Support Technology Group (LiST), a UK-based association, is an excellent source of information about the use of technology in support of litigation. Jonathan Maas, head of litigation technology at DLA Piper UK LLP, was instrumental in the formation and operation of LiST. ALSP Update recently interviewed Maas.

03 April 2008

LiST (The Litigation Support Technology Group)

​Draft Disclosure Statement (Form N265)

​LiST's attempt to update the Ministry of Justice's formal Disclosure Statement to reflect the existence of electronic disclosure.

01 April 2008

​Insurance Times (registration required)

Global e-disclosure

​Collecting and preserving electronic data for disclosure in a court case is a complex task. How can you devise a strategy which will do the job across international borders?

04 December 2007

Legal IT Insider

Some e-disclosure ideas for judges – and for the Courts Service​

Article referring to Jonathan Maas

27 April 2007

LiST (The Litigation Support Technology Group)

LiST's Data Exchange Protocol (Parts 1 and 2)

LiST's Protocol to effect the efficient exchange of disclosure data and documents between disparate document review systems.

08 July 2005

LiST (The Litigation Support Technology Group)

Draft Practice Direction for the Use of IT in Civil Proceedings

The precursor to the Ministry of Justice's formally amended Civil Procedure Rules Part 31 and Practice Direction 31B.

24 September 2004

LiST (The Litigation Support Technology Group)

Draft Technology Questionnaire

LiST's precursor to what became the Ministry of Justice's formal Electronic Documents Questionnaire, part of the Civil Procedure Rules' Practice Direction 31B.

01 May 2003

Society for Computers and Law (registration required)

The Impact of the Internet on the Provision of Legal Services

Jonathan Maas looks at how the Internet has been and is being used to change the way in which legal services are provided and considers how it may change working practices in the future, how it affects lawyer/client relationships and what opportunities it offers for law firms to deliver services more effectively.

15 June 1995

The Law Society

National Vocational Qualifications for Paralegals in Civil Litigation

Part of a group of practitioners working closely with The Law Society's Professional Standards and Development Directorate between 1995 and 1998 to create a series of NVQs for paralegals working in various areas of law, including Family and Matrimonial, Private Client, Civil Litigation and others.  Now I believe known as a Level 2 Award in Legal studies offered by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)

13 May 1994

The Independent newspaper

Law: cutting down on the paperwork

The benefits, problems and implications of the increasing use of computers in litigation cases.


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