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Servient, the Houston-based leader in AI software for the intelligent management of unstructured data at scale for legal and compliance matters, has announced the addition of disclosure experts Jonathan Maas and Nick Rich to its London office.  Servient, founded in 2003, provides an on-demand eDisclosure solution that not only reduces overall costs but also speeds up legal process with simple yet sophisticated self-service data ingestion and triage.

Servient's continuous active learning technology has been widely used by legal departments for eDisclosure purposes for many years.  Now there is a growing realisation that their sophisticated machine learning tools can also be applied to other legal and compliance areas of decision-making such as complaints management, breach notification and Know Your Client (KYC). Added to that, Servient's self-service application frees lawyers from the tyranny of consultants and service providers, putting them back in complete and instant control of their matters and budgets. The recent addition of Servient’s Direct Connect module further simplifies the process by supporting data collection straight from Office 365 into Servient.

“I have been impressed by Servient since I first saw it in action over five years ago”, said Jonathan Maas, Servient’s Brand Ambassador.  “It is refreshing to see an extremely capable software house make eDisclosure truly accessible to everyone, from the sole practitioner to the largest City firms - Linklaters is a long-term and happy client.  Servient really delivers WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get. There are no hidden charges, no additional fees for user access, analytics, data promotion or the like - you simply pay for what you hold.  It was an honour to be asked to grow Servient's existing European presence".  Nick Rich, Head of EU Client Engagement, commented: “Servient provides highly sophisticated functionality in a simple interface.  We are already seeing Servient being relied upon in large and complex investigations, but it proves flexible enough to manage fast-moving matters like DSARs, too.  Servient lets lawyers deal with the evidence efficiently and then quickly get back to lawyering”.

Ian Wilson, founder and CEO of Servient, said “We have been active in Europe for three years now and our increasing market share means we need to build our local team to manage our existing clients and grow our business.  Jonathan and Nick are both respected figures in the field of eDiscovery and I am delighted they are to lead us forward.  I very much look forward to working closely with them both”.

About Servient

Servient's artificial intelligence (AI) platform provides solutions to manage unstructured data intelligently at scale for legal and compliance matters.  Built on a modern architecture, Servient delivers a full enterprise eDiscovery platform for streamlined investigations at web-scale speed.  Our technology provides clients and partners a cloud-architected, end-to-end legal workflow process solution with integrated continuous active learning.  Servient has offices in Houston and Austin, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; London, UK; and Pune, India.  For more information about Servient, please visit

PRESS RELEASE: 01/11/21 08:00

Maas and Rich join Servient’s European offices